June report from the President

Fellow Members,

We have had a eventful quarter throughout our District and Bargaining Units. Some of the events were good and some not so good. We will certainly have a few topics to discuss next month.

Working Systems is nearing the completion of their transition to a employee owned business. Congratulations to each of you. We will soon ask to meet with their new management team to review pending tasks and make arrangements for next years contract negotiations.

For those of us in the CenturyLink realm, the news and speculation has been a roller coaster. My recommendation at this point is to wait for the facts before we act. Our upcoming contract negotiations (40 weeks away) will be challenging and require each of us to stand together. You still have 20 paychecks before expiration to prepare.

Our next General Membership meeting will be July 18th. I hope to see you all there.

In Solidarity,
David Hyde

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