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  1. OSHA has adopted revised polices for enforcing coronavirus requirements as states continue to re-open nationwide. The agency announced May 19 it has revised two of its COVID-19-related enforcement policies to ensure employers are taking appropriate action to protect employees. Understanding about the transmission and prevention of infection has improved throughout the course of the pandemic, […] [MORE]
  2. While fatigue has been an ongoing safety problem, the coronavirus has made it even more problematic in critical industries remaining operational, so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing tips on managing it during the pandemic. Emergency responders, healthcare workers and employees at other essential industries working through the pandemic are stretched thin, […] [MORE]
  3. On April 15, 2020, the Smithfield Foods Sioux Falls, South Dakota, plant became the No. 1 coronavirus hot spot in the U.S. with 761 positive tests.  Not the city of Sioux Falls. Not the state of South Dakota. The plant, all by itself. Put another way: On that date, a workplace became the No. 1 […] [MORE]
  4. From vibrating wristbands and smart phone apps for social distancing to devices that warn users when they’re about to touch their face, companies are coming up with lots of new ways to mitigate exposure to the coronavirus. Big companies like Ford as well as smaller software and tech companies are developing new technology in an […] [MORE]
  5. A coalition of safety groups, businesses and government agencies, led by the National Safety Council, has released a framework for employers during re-opening in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The recommendations are from the SAFER (Safe Actions for Employee Returns) task force. The six focus areas in the framework are: Physical environments: building maintenance, requiring […] [MORE]
  6. How do you work together when everyone is farther apart?  It’s the question employers are struggling with in the wake of the coronavirus. While the National Safety Council says 72% of its surveyed member companies are at least partially open, many more employees were forced to work at home or were furloughed. Sometime, they’ll return. […] [MORE]
  7. Employers are getting federal guidance on how to properly clean and disinfect their facilities before re-opening from coronavirus-related closures.  The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control issued guidance April 29 providing step-by-step instruction for post-pandemic cleaning and disinfecting of workplaces, public spaces, businesses, schools and homes. Proper cleaning and disinfecting are important […] [MORE]
  8. The National Safety Council (NSC) will lead a new task force that will guide employers through the process of resuming work in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The Safe Actions For Employee Returns (SAFER) task force includes Fortune 500 companies, safety organizations, government agencies and trade associations, including: American Chemistry Council American Industrial Hygiene Association […] [MORE]
  9. The closure and production cuts for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic are unprecedented. So restarting and re-adding capacity will be unprecedented also. We don’t know when and how this will happen. From a safety standpoint, there are plans you can make now. Staffing Will your workforce look the same as before COVID-19? If businesses ramp […] [MORE]
  10. Some members of Congress and professional associations have called on OSHA to initiate an emergency, temporary infectious disease regulation due to the coronavirus pandemic. What could an emergency regulation include?  One way to find out is to look at one state’s rule that already exists and at the rulemaking that was started on a permanent […] [MORE]

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